1 Şubat 2010 Pazartesi

Sell Gold

During this period a little hectic, some are tempted to sell their gold jewelry cons of cash. A tip though: Take time to compare

Tidy in my satchel, a gold coin, a necklace and a bracelet. I heard rumors saying that some companies are willing to acquire the gold against payment in cash. Jewelers, jewelers, traders ... manifested themselves as such. Curiosity is such that I decided to see clear.

Appointments are taken at a hotel in downtown Paris. At the salon near the reception, I am not alone because other people are waiting too. All received the same appointment with a firm restatement of precious metals.

I see a young woman coming out and announcing: "I paid 50 euros for my gold pendant. Well, it could be worse "... she said, not too convinced.

My turn now: But say two people have arrived before me. Oh no, impossible! But I bow but when someone shows me his ID ... a police badge. The case is therefore lawful for the couple of police came to control the company buying gold. The register is in perfect order ... the appointment can proceed.

I spend my last and tends valuable content. The individual consideration: "I offer you 270 euros for three." Moment of hesitation ... The trading company said, smiling: "If you are sentimentally attached, keep ... Otherwise, feel free to give. " My decision was taken because I keep all, I want to compare.

19 Ocak 2010 Salı

Sell scrap gold

Scrap gold is generally described as any form of processed gold. Jewelry such as rings, necklaces or watches and other items with gold content therefore fall into the category of scrap gold. Often the term scrap gold is used, which means no longer viable and no longer repairable jewels. The sale of scrap gold now is in difficult economic times, a way to get short on cash.

Ideal proves to be that in falling securities prices, many investors redirect their investments into gold and thus increases the price of gold. If you catch one good time to sell scrap gold, one can also maximize the proceeds.